Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Simple Things


We were at my parents’ farm for most of July. It was great. It is always fun to go home with the kids. Coming from the Los Angeles area, my mom always says “I hope they aren’t going to bored when they come to the farm.” It is actually quite the opposite.

My hometown is a population of 142 – probably less since my sisters and I don’t live there anymore! Everyone knows everything and everybody. When we are home we always eat at the Viking CafĂ©. They cook one meal at a time – not the speediest but you can get a HUGE pancake for 60 cents!

The kids love playing on the farm. My dad has those big round bails of hay. He moved them in a square so the kids could have a big fort. Boy, was that a hit! They were in there for hours. They had bedrooms, kitchen, tool shack, living room, and many more rooms. We had to put the kibosh on the bathroom. They actually had dug two holes and were coming in the house for toilet paper!

Gopher trapping is also a favorite of the kids. I know some of you think that sounds super cruel but in my dad’s fields it is a necessity. They actually got 17 gophers which adds up to a grand total of 51 bucks - $3/gopher. All the kids had to go to the Township Meeting and receive the check – super cool! The kids used that money to play games at the county fair.

The county fair is another HUGE highlight for the kids. These are the same kids that have season passes to Disneyland. My aunt has a Malt Stand for the American Diary Association at the fair and we always take a shift. The kids got a huge kick out of working. I think we sold around 600 malts during our shift. My aunt will never change the price of the malts – she wants families to be able to buy a malt for everyone without going broke! How awesome is that!

The kids also LOVE to watch The Lone Ranger with Grandpa. Yes, the series in black and white. They just love it because Grandpa loves it. My daughter even named her hamster Lone Ranger!

Worrying the kids will be bored – not a chance!!!

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